Thursday, February 2, 2012

Work's Done

I have been working all week on the last two paintings for over the bed.  I did not take my usual painstaking care with these.  Rather, I worked quickly and a bit too rapidly to get them done.  The good thing is, that, once framed, and over the bed, they look just fine.  I did not want a masterpiece this time, but something to pop some color into the room on a very slim budget.  The frames, from IKEA, were not only affordable (Would you believe, $5.00 each!!), they worked perfectly on the ledge from IKEA (what would I do without that place). 

These are quite blurry
as they are framed in a shadowbox
but, hopefully, you
get the picture (ha,ha)

A fan palm of some sort.
Wish I knew the names of all of these.
(yeah, you can see the flaws on this one)

When they are all hung up on the wall,
they create a nice touch of  green,
in an otherwise blue & white space.

And so, the paints are put away for now, and my space has been cleaned up.  I can't leave my messy studio, and close the door, here…… I have to clean up and put away.  It's all good.  

I will be exploring for a bit, taking more photos and having some visitors.  We are also going to head out to visit my Dad on his 97th birthday.  He wants a Pizza Party, so that is what he is going to get.  It will be fun to celebrate with as much family as we could gather.  Finances and health prohibit some from coming, while others have work schedules, etc.  As long as we can do a bit of celebrating, we will! (it happens to be Sweet Hubby's birthday, as well.  Another relative is celebrating her 65th on the same day… with a big party in her home town.  Let the celebrations begin!!

Happy Weekend!  I will have lots of celebration photos next week!

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