Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shells in abundance

I love to walk the beach looking for shells.  I have noticed that there are often clumps of similar shells on any given day.  I have no idea how it works, but one day I will find very few shells, and then next, there will be amazing ones along our walk.  Yesterday, I found a bunch of various sized clam shells.  All were unbroken and they were in an assortment of sizes... perfect variations from large to small.  

I have many (well, most) from Siesta Key, Beach…. but this past weekend, we went down to Sanibel Island and I walked the beach for two hours. I had no idea that time was flying by so quickly. My Daughter-in-law and I found so many different shells, in abundance.  By the time we made it back to Sweet hubby and my son, they were sunburned (even with spf 30!).

I plan to photograph more of my shells for you.  I am putting them all over the place, which is getting to be pretty funny (how many places can you put shells?).  I need to start making something from all of them.

Here is a mixture of them (with a few Christmas sparkle shells thrown in).

 Clams, Coquinas and Angel Wings;
Scallops, Starfish & Sand Dollars.
I love them all!

We are starting to have "Company".  I love it…. but I won't be painting this week…nor the next weekeither….
Hope you will hang in there with me, until I get back on track (and I can't promise anything on that score).

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