Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moseying about the neighborhood

With guests coming to visit, I put down my computer, and picked up my purse…. for some serious retail therapy.  It felt good to be with friends, and enjoy the city through their eyes.  It was also wonderful to catch up on what was happening at the old homestead.

Next week, we leave here for a quick visit back home and then on to New Zealand.  We have never been "down under" as the Natives would say, and we have thought about and planned this trip for more years than I can count.  Something always got in our way and we never managed to have the time when we had the money, and the money when we had the time.  So, after saving for several years, we are going to enjoy a long journey and be away for quite awhile.  I won't be blogging, but I will have tons of photos to share when we get back. 

This week, however,I will share some wonderful photos of what grows in the tropical southern states, at least, in my neighborhood.  

Jade plant, right outside my back door!

No guess as to the name,
but the colors are just popping.
Someone called it a tri-colored ginger plant??

beautifully delicate

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