Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weather patterns

Winter is here.... well, not here, but it is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  In Colorado, it is mighty cold (so I have been told...brrrr!) but in Florida, it is strangely summerishly Winter. Everything is out of whack, but we are truly enjoying the warmth.

Today, we went to the beach because it was 80 degrees.  Oh, my, it was wonderful.  We walked along a very special beach, where many people go to find sharks teeth.  I found one today.... but others were working much harder to find them,and were being quite successful.  I will take photos soon, of the many varieties of shells that we can find around here.

So, things are a bit upside down this year.... but I am going with it.  Cards are finished.... presents sent..... donations made.... so, I am going to relax and start enjoying this Holiday season.

I hope you are doing the same.

Taking a nice walk on the beach....

Shelling on the beach.....


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