Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Marie Selby Botanical Garden is my oasis here.  It is such a gem of a Botanical Garden.  We spent a cool day (cool, as in "it was really wonderful" and cool, in that it was in the low 60's, but sunny) last week, exploring all of the epiphytes and bromelieads and banyans....all treats...plus many more plants.  They also have a home on their property that was originally owned by the Payne family.  It has been decorated beautifully for the holidays, in the Southern style.  Of course, the batteries ran out in my camera, just about the time that we strolled to the front door.... so no photos (unless we go back.... a distinct possibility).

Here is what we did enjoy:

Lush beauty of leaves and blooms

The delicate elegance of an Orchid


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