Monday, December 12, 2011

Harbor Boat Parade for the Holidays

Here is something that is new to us:  A boat parade!   I have since mentioned it to several family members and friends and they had wonderful memories to share!  Since we had not heard of it and we were rather curious, we went down to a local park on Lido Key and camped out until the sun went down.  

Well..... what did we know about this 'event'....Nothing, that is for sure.  The Family Campers showed up, tables appeared, wine, food, and friends.  It was a 'happening' right there in the park by the Harbor.  From 4:00 until was party time.... and then for dessert.... the boat show.  All ages were there (mostly local families and friends.... kids on skateboards.... jumping, running, fishing off the little pier...)

I will put the "Before Sunset" photos on this blog, followed by the official boat parade, in the next blog.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

waiting for the sun to set

Some people just sail out into the bay to watch the parade

Boats head toward the gathering space to line up.
They do not turn on the lights until the last minute.

This was a charter boat....seriously decked out with real Palms!

The 'Grinch' is not going to steal this Christmas!!
(wait 'til you see this in lights!)

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