Saturday, December 24, 2011

A gift, appreciated...

photo from Jane Coslick's blog
A gift, appreciated

Today, I received a gift.... a huge surprise.  I have my favorite blogs and while many are about art/artists/gardens, my favorite treat is to go to the Interior Design blogs and dream!  There are so many ideas in these blogs created by another kind of artist.  

I do not always leave comments on a blog, either.  Unless, it is very special....I just don't.  However, last week, I felt compelled to leave a comment on Jane Coslick's blog ( ) .  It's an amazing site and always a treat to see what she does with design and color.  She was giving away a "Design Session".  Oh, I just had to comment.... in the hopes of getting some help with our little abode, here in Florida.

Can you believe it??  I actually won!  What a gift!  Seriously, how could that happen to me?  I am so delighted.  I did the happy dance all around the house this morning.  

I know that the season is about giving.... but, I will receive this gift of ideas, with gratitude and appreciate it, because that is important also.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Thank you for being my guests through out the year!  You are a gift to me, that sustains me through the seasons.  I want you to know that I appreciate you, as well.    

Happy Hanukkah, too!  We are lighting the candles every night with miracles in mind.  

Blessings to all faiths... 

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