Friday, November 18, 2011

A week of painting (of another sort)

I look at all of the vegetation around me and wish that I could pick up a paint brush.  However, I have been painting.... just not the kind of painting that creates a picture.  I have been trying to restore a console...which was truly a wreck and a horrid color.  As one neighbor said.... you are making it 'sort of shabby chic'.  Well, that is as good as it will get.... shabby, mostly, but hopefully a refreshing shade of creamy white with turquoise interior.  It's beachy for sure.

On another note.... there are lots more photos of the sand sculptures, so without delay.... here they are:

This one was my favorite...
a fish, within a fish, within a fish

Notice the Colorado Crocs!
The detail of this was amazing.
We never did find out which one won!

This was only the start...but again,
the details amazed me.

This was a reflection of the times.  The window is bolted...
the alarm clock is growling and she is cowering in her bed...
next photo will tell you why.

As you can see from the back of the house.....
they are having a yard sale, too.

This was a true reflection of the housing market in Florida (well, everywhere)
right now.  I love the way he made this statement sing out loud.

Enjoy your weekend!

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