Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Chalk Art

Today we headed for the beach, to the Sand Castle Festival.  Twelve sand master teams (2 per team) were invited from all over the world, to compete in sand sculptures.  It's hard to be amazed, after the chalk festival.... but we were, for sure.  

Many sand Masters come from the Netherlands, which was a surprise....however, many countries were well represented.  The interesting part is that many of the sand masters have degrees in Architecture or Art & Design (sculpture) and they also work in ice and snow sculptures.   I have not downloaded those photos.... but I will share them next week.

Until then, you will have to delight in more chalk drawings.  Oh my, it's a feast for the senses, and it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!!

Tomorrow.... we are headed to a concert, where my daughter-in-law will perform on the Saxophone.  I am excited to hear the Band in their town, at their Civic Center.  

My soul is filling up quickly.

This Artist was from Denver (see below)
Her chalks were the most vibrant of the Festival!
She worked from a piece of art of a good friend,
with permission from the artist.

Chalk Artist, Mythica von Griffyn
working from the art of Stephen Bennett.

I fell in love with this one!

The perspective on this was pretty cool
I like the subject matter, as well.

The detail on this was extraordinary.

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