Monday, November 7, 2011

I am back.....

I did need a break, but I can never stay away too long.  These photos are a bit old, but I wanted to share the mess that we had in our yard, when a huge snow storm hit Colorado last week.  Unfortunately, it took a huge toll on our trees, and this is what happened in our back yard.  Hopefully, the snow will be gone and clean up can take place very soon. 

See you soon.  I have lots to share.

Last week we had quite a snow storm.
We woke to a back yard that was a wreck.
(yes, those are tree limbs all over the yard!) 

The limbs are still there...
as we await clean up help.

We left for a climate that is a bit warmer.
This photo was taken early
in the morning,
as we left.

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