Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and the last of the bunch...

I just had to show you two more photos of the chalk art festival....because I loved them and forgot to put them into last weeks blog.  Then, tomorrow, I will start showing the wonderful sand sculptures that we had a chance to see.  

I have not been drawing at all.  I am reading the most wonderful book about "The Creative Habit - learn it and use it for life" by Twyla Tharp.  It is an amazing book that every one should read, if they want to think creatively or they need a booster shot for their creative spirit.  She applies all the arts (as well as business) into this book.  I would love to have my kids read it (creative beings that they are..... think they would love it).

Okay... photos for a while.... then, I hope to get back to some interesting work and share it with you.

This one tickled my funny bone

This one just popped off the street
I don't know if it translates
quite as well to a photograph.

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Gregory D. Rothbard said...

I would love to read it... I think it would be a good read. Thanks for sharing. Gregory