Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Adventure on the street

We are warming our bones in Sarasota... yes, that is Florida!  It was the break that I needed and it fills my spirit to be warm, and nearer to at least half of my kids.  The other half are in Portland.... a cooler climate than I can handle this time of year...but we plan to head up there too, when it's warmer.

There are many festivals down here.... wonderful and creative things to do each week.  Last weekend, was a Chalk Festival with artists from all over the country creating chalk drawings on the streets in downtown Sarasota.  Seriously, they closed off the entire street in the historic district and Artists went wild with color and imagination.  I did find out that they also have a wonderful Chalk Festival in Denver in the summer.... so I am definitely going to go to that next year!

Well, I will just share the photos as they are amazing (not the photos.... the art work in the photos).  The only sad part is that after the Festival, street cleaners come and wash the art away....completely!!!  In previous years, they have allowed the art to remain on the street until it slowly disappears.  There was such a ruckus about the street cleaners this year that they are NOT going to do that again (hopefully).  

Okay, you are patiently waiting for photos.... so here goes!

Everything is jam packed together,
one painting right next to the other,
which just fills you up with joy!

These are all done with chalk
which just 'blows me away'

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