Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lotsa plans ahead.....

I finished up with my Egg & Nest class on Thursday.  What a delight.  I always meet wonderful artists.....make connections.... learn so much.... and produce more work.  I must need that push to produce.

The other project of the week was the annual AAUW Book Fair, a labor intensive book sale, that provides funds for women's scholarships and Community Action Grants.  As we age, the work, at times, seems daunting.  We put so much time, energy and love into this project(it's been our fundraiser for over 50 years....  It has filled many spare moments this week and weekend. That is why I have not blogged THIS week.  I seem to be making too many excuses, but I can't seem to manage everything and still get to the blog.

However, I am excited about more nest projects.  I need to continue in the studio...and my motivation is nests and eggs.  Since we will be traveling for a time, I plan to take some projects with me to work on.  I photographed the nests in class, before our teacher had to take them back to the museum.  I have enough good photos to work on several projects.

I will share a few of the nests with you:

Red Winged Black Bird nest
usually built near water

side view of Red Winged Black Bird nest

Yellow Rumped Warbler
They line their nests
with tiny twigs
and feathers.

My favorite: The House Finch nest.
However, this is the city nest
which is filled with yarn, paper &
other ephemera from the streets.
The Country nest is entirely different!
if you double click on this one you will see all the 'stuff'

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