Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Checking my 'stats'

My time is flying..... I don't know about yours, but it just seems to speed by and I haven't updated my blog.  Today, however, I went to my 'stats', which according to Blogger, are the statistics of viewers of my blog.

I have many viewers from the United States, but Poland comes in second.  Somehow, that thrills me.  My husband is German/Polish and I like the fact that they can enjoy my work in this small and interconnected world.  Secondly, the Mac users are catching up to the PC users, but we have a ways to go on that one.... and the Ipad users are a small but mighty bunch.  I don't have too many viewers to my blog each day, but I think that the ones who check in are pretty loyal....so Thanks to those of you who do stop by for a visit. 

I have never wanted to fill my blog with advertising, rather, I wanted to put my photos and my work out there for the Universe to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong..... it's nice if you can make money from your blog...  but it it not a choice that I want to make at this point.

Just thought that I would share those tidbits, before I show you what I have been trying to complete.  Believe it or not... it's not done yet.  I still have some highlights to pop in on the painting.....which I think that I will save for class on Thursday.  It's almost over and I will miss it (class that is...).  It's been one of the best I have taken....most likely because I just love the subject material.  Nests intrigue me.  I plan to study and paint nests, a lot more in the coming months.  

So, here is the Wilson's Warbler nest..... almost finished....

Nest of the Wilson's Warbler

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