Tuesday, October 25, 2011

500th post for CBA's blog!!

I wish that I had a big cake with five hundred candles..... or a beautiful painting to share, but I will celebrate the five hundredth post with you as my guest.  

I have enjoyed this blog and it has filled me with joy.  I like sharing my work, and getting comments back from you.  Many times, it has improved my work and it has always been interesting to hear your thoughts.

Now, I am going to take a break.  I am going on a journey.... inside and out..... on my way for a while.  I will definitely be back.  It might take a week.... or a month.... or possibly after the holiday season.  

I need a 'fill up' ..... for my creative side; my health, and my well being.  I am not sure where this is taking me, but when I am renewed, I will return and share more work with you.

Until then..... Please be well.  Love one another......  Give hugs generously..... Forgive others..... spend a little money (the economy needs it now), and Do your best.....believe me, that is good enough.

Bye for now......

Maybe, I will hit the road and take a drive

Maybe, I will take a plane....
and fly off to someplace exotic
(well, why not dream!)

Maybe, I will just rest for a while....
All my best wishes to you.  Thanks for being there through out these many blogs.   Goodbye for a while.

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Gregory D. Rothbard said...

Mom congrats on your 500th post... I have been enjoying your site for a long time and am thankful for your artistic expression. With love Greg