Tuesday, October 25, 2011

500th post for CBA's blog!!

I wish that I had a big cake with five hundred candles..... or a beautiful painting to share, but I will celebrate the five hundredth post with you as my guest.  

I have enjoyed this blog and it has filled me with joy.  I like sharing my work, and getting comments back from you.  Many times, it has improved my work and it has always been interesting to hear your thoughts.

Now, I am going to take a break.  I am going on a journey.... inside and out..... on my way for a while.  I will definitely be back.  It might take a week.... or a month.... or possibly after the holiday season.  

I need a 'fill up' ..... for my creative side; my health, and my well being.  I am not sure where this is taking me, but when I am renewed, I will return and share more work with you.

Until then..... Please be well.  Love one another......  Give hugs generously..... Forgive others..... spend a little money (the economy needs it now), and Do your best.....believe me, that is good enough.

Bye for now......

Maybe, I will hit the road and take a drive

Maybe, I will take a plane....
and fly off to someplace exotic
(well, why not dream!)

Maybe, I will just rest for a while....
All my best wishes to you.  Thanks for being there through out these many blogs.   Goodbye for a while.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Counting Down

I was so surprised to realize that this is my 499th post on this blog.  I know that by some standards, it's not a landmark, but it did take me by surprise.  My next blog post will be my 500th!  I have really enjoyed doing this.  I am infrequent, but hopefully, you always find something to take away from it...and hopefully, it lightens your spirit for just a moment in the day.  That is always my hope, anyway.

We have been cleaning up our yard.  The Summer is over and Fall is well on it's way to being Winter.  Though our days our sunny and the leaves are at their peak, many are falling and creating wonderful piles to rake.  I hate to see it go.... but we plan to follow the sun this year and head to a warmer climate for a bit.  I shall blog from there and share new adventures with you.

Leaves are filling in the nooks
and crannies of the garden

Newer leaves seem to land
on top of the older ones,
creating great mulch for the garden.

The view over the back fence
create a beautiful tapestry
of golds and greens

All of our bins are filling up with
bits of the garden
and flowers, past their prime.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite photos of the year....

I have been thinking about my work, a lot.  I know that I want to work on some nests....feathers.... and eggs, but other things come to mind, as well.  I went through my photos for the past year, and picked out a few of my favorites.  I would like to see what I can do, using them as my energy and resource.

So, pick a favorite.... let me know......or just enjoy the show:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lotsa plans ahead.....

I finished up with my Egg & Nest class on Thursday.  What a delight.  I always meet wonderful artists.....make connections.... learn so much.... and produce more work.  I must need that push to produce.

The other project of the week was the annual AAUW Book Fair, a labor intensive book sale, that provides funds for women's scholarships and Community Action Grants.  As we age, the work, at times, seems daunting.  We put so much time, energy and love into this project(it's been our fundraiser for over 50 years....  It has filled many spare moments this week and weekend. That is why I have not blogged THIS week.  I seem to be making too many excuses, but I can't seem to manage everything and still get to the blog.

However, I am excited about more nest projects.  I need to continue in the studio...and my motivation is nests and eggs.  Since we will be traveling for a time, I plan to take some projects with me to work on.  I photographed the nests in class, before our teacher had to take them back to the museum.  I have enough good photos to work on several projects.

I will share a few of the nests with you:

Red Winged Black Bird nest
usually built near water

side view of Red Winged Black Bird nest

Yellow Rumped Warbler
They line their nests
with tiny twigs
and feathers.

My favorite: The House Finch nest.
However, this is the city nest
which is filled with yarn, paper &
other ephemera from the streets.
The Country nest is entirely different!
if you double click on this one you will see all the 'stuff'

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Checking my 'stats'

My time is flying..... I don't know about yours, but it just seems to speed by and I haven't updated my blog.  Today, however, I went to my 'stats', which according to Blogger, are the statistics of viewers of my blog.

I have many viewers from the United States, but Poland comes in second.  Somehow, that thrills me.  My husband is German/Polish and I like the fact that they can enjoy my work in this small and interconnected world.  Secondly, the Mac users are catching up to the PC users, but we have a ways to go on that one.... and the Ipad users are a small but mighty bunch.  I don't have too many viewers to my blog each day, but I think that the ones who check in are pretty loyal....so Thanks to those of you who do stop by for a visit. 

I have never wanted to fill my blog with advertising, rather, I wanted to put my photos and my work out there for the Universe to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong..... it's nice if you can make money from your blog...  but it it not a choice that I want to make at this point.

Just thought that I would share those tidbits, before I show you what I have been trying to complete.  Believe it or not... it's not done yet.  I still have some highlights to pop in on the painting.....which I think that I will save for class on Thursday.  It's almost over and I will miss it (class that is...).  It's been one of the best I have taken....most likely because I just love the subject material.  Nests intrigue me.  I plan to study and paint nests, a lot more in the coming months.  

So, here is the Wilson's Warbler nest..... almost finished....

Nest of the Wilson's Warbler

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aspen Wednesday...

Caribou Aspen

It's still so beautiful here, but rain is expected this weekend.  I am basking in the sunshine each day and enjoying the warmth of it.  

I did a quick study of the Aspen - from our weekend hike.  I share them with you today.  This year (and it's not every year that this happens) there are deep orange.... almost red Aspens.  Love them all.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A - Corny view of Fall

When ever I take a walk out side, I end up with pockets full of leaves, rocks, acorns..... what ever catches my eye and lands on the ground.  I figure that if it's on the ground, it's fair game.  

Today, I found some very red Maple leaves...... a few weeks ago, it was tons of acorns (you have to quickly grab a few, as the squirrels are feasting for the winter months).  So, I did a quick painting of an Acorn and leaf.

I did another quick painting of some Aspen....just to catch their color.... I will share that on Wednesday. 

Up in the high 80's today..... whew, a bit warm for October!

Acorn.... inside and out!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Had to share this beauty!

We took a hike yesterday (well, a bit more like a nice walk) at Caribou Ranch, in Nederland.  It was glorious!  The Aspen are singing right now.... at the height of  their beauty.  So, enjoy the photos from my "point and shoot" camera.....

When the sun was out,
the leaves just shimmered
in the light.

Lots of hikers were on the trail,
enjoying perfect Fall weather.

I love the groves of Aspen
along the trail.
....a few clouds and a spatter of rain.

Looking up to the trees all around.
I love everything about the Aspen tree.

Looking down, you could find the reds.
browns, yellows,& greens
of the forest floor.