Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We have a winner!

Emily guessed correctly!!.... it is a sunflower that has passed it's bloom.  

There is a good story with this one.  My Art Group gathered at a friend of one of the members of the group.  She happened to live on a farm, outside our town.  We had a lovely morning and as we headed home, we passed another farm that had been growing sunflowers.  By this time, it was January, and the field was filled with snow.... and a few left over ....very dead..... Sunflowers.  

My friend, Jill, yelled out...."Stop the car" and our driver, Rosie pulled over.  Out hopped Jill....running out to the field and pointing to each Sunflower...."Is this the one I should pick?" We were sitting in the warmth of the car yelling out which one we thought was the perfect specimen.... and then another..... three in all.  

We put them in a paper bag to dry out and eventually to draw.  I am the first one to volunteer (am I crazy, or what?) to draw the 'dead thing" as my sweet hubby likes to describe these beauties that are past their bloom.  

See, I definitely put myself in the "Past the Bloom, Sunflower Stage".  There is still so much beauty... but it takes a bit more looking, to see it.  Three cheers for all those Sunflowers, past their bloom!!

So, thanks for guessing and thanks Emily....glad you could tell just what it was.  (Check out Emily's blog - "BLAHG" which has a link on the side).  

Back to work.....

A Sunflower, past it's bloom.
colored pencil

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