Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting today

I finished up the sunflower....and it's resting before I add the final touches.  I also finished up my class, which I loved.  It is going to redefine my future as an artist (or acknowledge what I already know about my art).  I plan to change my artist's statement as well.  Next week...these changes will start.  But, today I am reflecting.

My sweet hubby and I were trying to have an "un-vacation".  It's not working as well as we would like.  While I love setting aside time just for us, we have lived in this community for so long, there there isn't a lot of new exploration.  We planned hikes, and lunches out..... looking at the usual places with new eyes.  After three days, we decided that we needed a day off just to get some work done (Seriously!!).  It's hard to take an un-vacation when there are piles of stuff all around.  

So, today, we are taking a break....Remembering 9/11, and where it has taken us.  Our hearts feel heavy this weekend, as we revisit this moment in time.  
Remembering September 11th,
every day

My Sweet hubby went out this morning and bought me The New York Times.  There is no sweeter treat for me than a Sunday morning with the NY Times!  As I read through it, a Macy's ad on the back of their tribute to 9/11 caught my eye.  Macy's said it perfectly:
"Hug your children
Spend the day with family
Think of an old friend
Wave to your neighbor
Go for a long walk
Light a candle
Share your thoughts
Take a moment for yourself
Be there for someone else
Watch the Sunset
Look forward to the sunrise

Today, in your own way, remember and reflect.  September 11,2011

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