Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dance of the Curcubitas

You can always tell when I am taking classes...... I let the blog slip.   Honestly, it shouldn't make such a difference in my time, but it does.   I have had much 'pondering' to do with this class.  What my style will be; where I will take my art; finding places to show it, and what defines me as an artist.  Seriously, how can I draw, when I am so befuddled by these questions.  

I have been working on a piece for the class..... meant to define my style.  I have barely begun it, but I will share it in the next week.....yes, I promise!

On the bright side,  I took a meander through my garden and came up with some surprises.  We always plant mini-pumpkins and gourds in the garden.... and It just kills me to wait on their growth.  I have found two beautiful white pumpkins that are growing like wildfire..... the rest are just starting to dance among the massive leaves.

Tomorrow, I will share some textures of the garden.  I took some great photos to share.  I can tell that we are getting to the end of the summer, as the spider webs are winning, and the leaves are feeding the masses (lots of holes in them).

Just a note.... one comment in..... NO FLASH  on the camera.   (thank you.... and I agree!)

The bloom,,,
and the dance begins

Rocking the bright color of late summer

Dancing partner ready to lead...

Could be a white pumpkin.....we shall see

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