Friday, September 30, 2011

Completed Project

I am excited to say that I have finished one of the nests!  I still have another, more complicated one, to do, but the hummingbird's nest is complete.  I had so much fun doing it, and the class continues to enthrall me. 

I also have really enjoyed being in the Botanic Gardens on these glorious Fall days.  The air is cool, but the sun warms your bones, without overheating you.  It is simply the perfect time of year, and a favorite time in Colorado.  We do not get the bright reds that other areas get, but the green and gold of the foothills, can take your breath away.

Fall sunsets, also have the power to give you pause and be grateful.  This is G-d's handiwork and I just can't get enough of it.  

Enjoy your weekend.  Sit in the sun..... watch a sunset.... hug one another and breathe deeply.  These are special days in a glorious season.

Hummingbird's nest

Hummingbird's nest

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