Friday, September 30, 2011

Completed Project

I am excited to say that I have finished one of the nests!  I still have another, more complicated one, to do, but the hummingbird's nest is complete.  I had so much fun doing it, and the class continues to enthrall me. 

I also have really enjoyed being in the Botanic Gardens on these glorious Fall days.  The air is cool, but the sun warms your bones, without overheating you.  It is simply the perfect time of year, and a favorite time in Colorado.  We do not get the bright reds that other areas get, but the green and gold of the foothills, can take your breath away.

Fall sunsets, also have the power to give you pause and be grateful.  This is G-d's handiwork and I just can't get enough of it.  

Enjoy your weekend.  Sit in the sun..... watch a sunset.... hug one another and breathe deeply.  These are special days in a glorious season.

Hummingbird's nest

Hummingbird's nest

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Humming along....

Not exactly..... humming, that is...... hacking and croaking is more like it, but I am definitely on the mend and my energy is slowly coming back to normal.  Today is a free day.... no obligations, so I am IN the studio and working away. 

 I needed to come and print some photos of the hummingbird  nest I am working on, so I can manage the details accurately.  Here are a few glimpses of the samples that I am working from.  One looks a lot like a pipe, to me.  The other is more of the nest (the one in the box...which is too fragile to take out of the box) with the hummingbird eggs.

I am excited to get back to class and work from the real thing.  I plan to take more photos as I wasn't too thrilled with these.  

This photo is actually turned around
from the way I am drawing it....but it gives
me enough clues to work with the drawing that
I have started..... doesn't it look like a pipe?

This nest is about 3 inches across.
the eggs are about 1.5 mm...just tiny.
The details on this nest are much more to
my liking, so I will incorporate
some of these details in my 'pipe nest'

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Under the weather continues.....

Don't you love a Fall cold..... that goes on and on..... and on......   Nope, me neither!   However, I can't seem to shake this one, so I have been taking more naps and trying to get through my obligations first.  So, blogging has taken a back seat.

I started a new class at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  What a delight, it is.  We were lucky enough to be able to borrow nests and eggs from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Some of the nests are from the late 1800's!  We were also treated to a lecture from one of the young researchers, who filled us in on the many details of nesting.  

I decided to work on two nests:  A Wilson's Warbler and a Hummingbird.  I had planned to work on the Wilson's warbler nest, but one of the other students is also working on it....and no one opted for the Hummingbird, so I grabbed it.  However, over the next few months, I plan to do several more nest paintings, and I will have all the research and sketches done for the Wilson's Warbler.

Okay.... Here are some photos of the nest (since we cannot bring them home, we must take photos for reference, and then work in class).

All the nests are documented and boxed
mine was found in 1988

The Wilson's Warbler make their
nests in low bushes near water.
The bird's coloring is a bright yellow
and they are noted song birds.

Here is some of the detail.
The nest is about 4x6 inches...
small and delicate.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More from the Farmer's Market

I have been 'under the weather' with a fall cold....and I think I was a bit muddled for a few days before it hit.  I have been fighting something all Summer, but I am going in for a check up soon and find out what is going on.  However, in the mix of the muddle, I missed the rest of the Farmer's Market photos.  I just love the bright colors of this season.

"Mums" in burnt orange, yellow, purple
Don't they just say "Fall"

Oh, the sweetness of an Onion!

I can see a sketch of these!

Another sketch!
Aren't these just radishing?

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Gardens with Allan Houser

We are so lucky to have
these sculptures in the gardens

Each sculpture is
a compliment
to Nature

One of my favorites
I hope that you get to
the gardens to see this exhibit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the Most Part.....

For the most part, my work on the Sunflower is complete.  I know that I will go back and noodle with it in a few weeks...but for now it is resting.

Tomorrow, I will share more of the Farmer's market.  What a vibrant source of material.  I do enjoy the fruits of labor that so many people bring to the market.  It's truly a highlight of the season.   

See ya soon.

After the Bloom

Monday, September 12, 2011

Local Farmer's Market

Can't you just taste the salsa?

oh yum....
Bacon, Basil, Lettuce & Tomato sandwiches

A favorite of mine....
Potato Soup

Eggplant is just beautiful

Local Sweet Corn.....
nothing better!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting today

I finished up the sunflower....and it's resting before I add the final touches.  I also finished up my class, which I loved.  It is going to redefine my future as an artist (or acknowledge what I already know about my art).  I plan to change my artist's statement as well.  Next week...these changes will start.  But, today I am reflecting.

My sweet hubby and I were trying to have an "un-vacation".  It's not working as well as we would like.  While I love setting aside time just for us, we have lived in this community for so long, there there isn't a lot of new exploration.  We planned hikes, and lunches out..... looking at the usual places with new eyes.  After three days, we decided that we needed a day off just to get some work done (Seriously!!).  It's hard to take an un-vacation when there are piles of stuff all around.  

So, today, we are taking a break....Remembering 9/11, and where it has taken us.  Our hearts feel heavy this weekend, as we revisit this moment in time.  
Remembering September 11th,
every day

My Sweet hubby went out this morning and bought me The New York Times.  There is no sweeter treat for me than a Sunday morning with the NY Times!  As I read through it, a Macy's ad on the back of their tribute to 9/11 caught my eye.  Macy's said it perfectly:
"Hug your children
Spend the day with family
Think of an old friend
Wave to your neighbor
Go for a long walk
Light a candle
Share your thoughts
Take a moment for yourself
Be there for someone else
Watch the Sunset
Look forward to the sunrise

Today, in your own way, remember and reflect.  September 11,2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We have a winner!

Emily guessed correctly!!.... it is a sunflower that has passed it's bloom.  

There is a good story with this one.  My Art Group gathered at a friend of one of the members of the group.  She happened to live on a farm, outside our town.  We had a lovely morning and as we headed home, we passed another farm that had been growing sunflowers.  By this time, it was January, and the field was filled with snow.... and a few left over ....very dead..... Sunflowers.  

My friend, Jill, yelled out...."Stop the car" and our driver, Rosie pulled over.  Out hopped Jill....running out to the field and pointing to each Sunflower...."Is this the one I should pick?" We were sitting in the warmth of the car yelling out which one we thought was the perfect specimen.... and then another..... three in all.  

We put them in a paper bag to dry out and eventually to draw.  I am the first one to volunteer (am I crazy, or what?) to draw the 'dead thing" as my sweet hubby likes to describe these beauties that are past their bloom.  

See, I definitely put myself in the "Past the Bloom, Sunflower Stage".  There is still so much beauty... but it takes a bit more looking, to see it.  Three cheers for all those Sunflowers, past their bloom!!

So, thanks for guessing and thanks Emily....glad you could tell just what it was.  (Check out Emily's blog - "BLAHG" which has a link on the side).  

Back to work.....

A Sunflower, past it's bloom.
colored pencil

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Second stage......

First guess...... bulbs....
Nope, it is not a bulb.
(Hint:  this cannot be used to make new blooms,
but is leftover after the
wonderful blooms have passed.)
(bigger hint:  birds love this plant...
great snacking in it's seeds....
humans like the seeds as well)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day
This week, as I work on my present project, I will photograph each day's progression.  It's slow but steady with this one...... one day at a time.  My labor is not laborious.... just a passionate experience, almost every time I get to work in the studio.

It's a start.....
More tomorrow
Theme:  "Past the bloom"
Can you guess what I am working on?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Textures from the garden

The heat has calmed down a bit and the evenings are cooler.  This makes for 'happy plants'.  They are getting a new breath of life in them.  Enjoy!


Still growing strong

A burst of yellow,
a pop of black
Black Eyed Susans

grasses by the creek

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dance of the Curcubitas

You can always tell when I am taking classes...... I let the blog slip.   Honestly, it shouldn't make such a difference in my time, but it does.   I have had much 'pondering' to do with this class.  What my style will be; where I will take my art; finding places to show it, and what defines me as an artist.  Seriously, how can I draw, when I am so befuddled by these questions.  

I have been working on a piece for the class..... meant to define my style.  I have barely begun it, but I will share it in the next week.....yes, I promise!

On the bright side,  I took a meander through my garden and came up with some surprises.  We always plant mini-pumpkins and gourds in the garden.... and It just kills me to wait on their growth.  I have found two beautiful white pumpkins that are growing like wildfire..... the rest are just starting to dance among the massive leaves.

Tomorrow, I will share some textures of the garden.  I took some great photos to share.  I can tell that we are getting to the end of the summer, as the spider webs are winning, and the leaves are feeding the masses (lots of holes in them).

Just a note.... one comment in..... NO FLASH  on the camera.   (thank you.... and I agree!)

The bloom,,,
and the dance begins

Rocking the bright color of late summer

Dancing partner ready to lead...

Could be a white pumpkin.....we shall see