Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time to work in the garden!

It's time!   Our window boxes are starting to literally fall apart, and we have never had any trim on them.  Several, were also starting to rot, so the wood needed to be replaced.  My husband has been measuring, sawing, repairing  and painting for the last week or so....and I can tell you that the window boxes are looking much better.... Terrific comes to mind.

We still need to paint the shutters.....(notice I say "We" .....when, in actuality, my husband is doing all of the work...while I trim up the garden and weed.  But, It's a pretty good trade off).  So, here's a peek....

the old window box with new trim
before it was sanded & painted

This one was almost a lost cause
but amazingly, sweet hubby
put it all back together, better than ever!

There was more than one window box
that needed a lot of repair.  

Ta Da!!
Don't these look a lot better?
Now, scraping and painting the shutters begins.
It just never ends.....

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