Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talk about a hair cut....

What a shock!!!  We are getting our street repaired and of course, there are many trucks and worker bees outside our door.  However, we did NOT expect that they would give our glorious Blue Spruce a haircut on it's bottom half.  Seriously, there were two 4 foot piles of branches left, when they were done. 

I will say, that trucks have had a difficult time turning the corner with all the growth that had taken place in the last 6-8 years.  However, we loved the look, and now it looks.... well.... naked!

We will plant bulbs and try to make it lovely for the coming years, but honestly, I wept a little bit for the lost glory (and humiliation) of this grand tree.

The branches of our Blue Spruce
were actually touching the ground.
You can tell how far they went out
because of the pile of needles underneath.

With all the extra space underneath
the tree, we now have room for plantings.
What would you put there?

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