Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hiking at Caribou Ranch

 Hiking at Caribou Ranch is a favorite thing to do.  We usually get there just in time for the wonderful wild flowers, which pop up in July.  However, this year, we headed to Jackson Hole, WY, which put us behind on our Caribou connection.

Off we trundled on Wednesday, for a lovely morning of walking, talking, sharing memories of our many years together.  It was a quiet respite in an otherwise crazy busy week.

I share some photos with you, in hopes that you can find a quiet moment of calm.

a pop of color in the soft meadow

We found one Mariposa Lily on the entire hike
(in July, the meadow is filled with them)

It is the season of yellow.... Fall can't be far behind

Our Anniversary Photo
Still together after all these years!
(and we are grateful)

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