Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wild. Wild West

We headed to Yellowstone, which is connected to the Grand Tetons and only about an hours drive through the park.  It was a beautiful morning and storms were expected in the afternoon, so off we went.  

Wouldn't you know..... as soon as we hit Yellowstone, we ran into (almost literally....) a herd of Bison....better known as Buffalo in the wild, wild West!

Love these guys.... so mellow
(well, I was in the car!)
They love to wallow in the mud
when the mosquitoes start bugging them
(that was an intended pun).
They still had their winter coats hanging off of them...
it's been quite a cool and wet Spring in the Northwest.

There were so many people "cruising America"
Many were from outside the United States,
which I love.  Every time we popped out of the car
we could hear many languages, other than English.
  What a way to see the Wild West!!

Hanging out by the lake.
Can you see the little one towards the back?
More on that sweet baby, later.

How about that Traffic?
It didn't seem to bother Billy the Bison (at all)
He just took his sweet time crossing the road.

People stop for all wildlife and sometimes,
forget that it IS wildlife.
That's why we have called ourselves "Tourons"
(if you need a translation, let me know).

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