Saturday, July 30, 2011

This one's for my boys!

When we talked to our kids, before we headed up to Grand Teton National Park, my older son (not a kid anymore, but always my kid), asked about the town of Jackson Hole.  He wanted to know two things..... if the theater was still there (where he went to see a movie with his Dad, while his little brother took a nap)..... and if the antlers were still in the downtown square.  

Well, of course, both were still there.  If you look closely, you will note that Harry Potter was visiting last week.  Movies delight children, as well as, adults... but the old movie theaters are the best of the memories.  I am grateful that Jackson Hole has kept some of old, but wonderful treasures.  This theater is one.

As for the Antlers in the Town Square.... they are most definitely still there.  I wanted to take a photo of them and it took a good ten minutes, because so many people wanted to pose in front of them.  So, kids, these photos are for you.  Some memories of times past, when we had our great adventures in the outdoors.... and a few fun adventures inside a treasured theater.

See, it's still there!
A great piece of JH history
(and a bit of our family's history, as well)

One last look at the Grand Tetons
taken from Signal Mountain

Here they are!....
Each corner of the square
sports the Antlers.
Great memories of childhood.

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Gregory D. Rothbard said...

Awesome I loved going to that theatre when I was a little kid. Mom thanks for sharing.