Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rain Day.....on to Jellystone

 Mid-week, the rains were expected, so we headed to "Jellystone" as we prefer to call Yellowstone.  That's were we saw all of the Bison....and then went on to climb above Yellowstone Falls.  It is a beautiful part of the Park with many rich landscapes.  It was also very warm in the morning (as we hiked) but cooled off in the afternoon and then started to pour and drop 20 degrees in a matter of minutes (this was later in the afternoon).  It was just a delicious day.

The photos are all out of order.... sometimes, I do that..... but you can get the idea...

We climbed a trail that dropped off a good bit.
I am not one for cliffs or heights,
so my sweet hubby took many of these photos.
Still I managed to hike this with only a few prayers.

Mud pots greeted us through out the park.

I love the smell of sulphur springs
gurgling, hot mud pots...

From below, you can see rainbows.
But up above, you can see the Majesty.

Can you see a bit of the rainbow?
The spray is probably two stories high.
The sound is brilliant from where we
were hiking.

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