Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating the flowers in the Park

When we head to a National Park, I often, do not get time to sketch.  We are too busy exploring.  I always intend to do it, but I end up choosing to carry a lighter load....without pencils, sketchbook and some source of color.  

So this time, I just took a small camera...with no sketching materials at all.  However, after we spent the morning at Signal Mountain, I was itching to sketch the flowers.  We popped into the mini-mart at the campgrounds and this is what I found:

1 green steno book
1 pkg. 8 Crayola crayons

We scrounged around the car and found a pencil....#2...sort of sharpened...and I was off and running.  Now, let me tell you that crayons are fun, but they don't translate the color exactly, so I had to add some notes....but it got the idea across, so I can go ahead and do a bit of work in the studio.  Actually, the steno book turned out to be a the lines helped me to align the flower. take a peek...(sorry, did not draw the Penstemon).

Big Red Penstemon
(Husker Red)
Sorry....all you C.U. fans!

Sketches of flowers
previously seen

Indian Paintbrush
(This was very pink and
was hard to capture with the red crayon)

Here is the Paintbrush
in all it's glory

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