Friday, July 1, 2011

......And the last of the garden tour photos!

Ah..... the last of the lot.....   the Garden tour is over!  Are you sad or glad?   I am a bit sad, because I do love to visit and revisit these amazing flowers and gardens.   Of course, you can just pop back to the blog any time and capture the essence of the garden tours from this year.  I think I enjoy that the most, when it's in the middle of Winter and I am dreaming of the garden.

Our little Art Group has been plagued with distractions for the last few months.... and today, we managed to get together for the first time in four weeks.  It was much needed and fun.  I did a water color pencil drawing of a geranium..... just sketching and putting color down without hesitation.  I forget how much I enjoy just letting loose and playing with my watercolors.

Well, the 4th of July weekend is upon us.  There will be much to do.... from biking to hiking.... from local concerts to picnics..... and of course the grand finale ...."FIREWORKS!!!".

I love it all!   I hope that your weekend is filled with lots of Summer Fun.   

Enjoy these last photos from the Park Hill Garden Tour:

Rhododendrons are so hard to grow here
and this one was perfection

This patio was literally
excavated out of a hill.
It is now a lovely room that
opens to a very private gated patio.

The owner of this house took a pick ax
and went down three feet, to excavate
this beautiful water garden.
Not only was he a creative designer
but a committed gardener!

Two Clematis

Last, but certainly not least.....

Yet, another gardener, dug out his back yard
to create this lovely space.

What I loved most and appreciated, was that all of these gardens were a 'hands on' experience for the Owners.  They had their own vision and did the work themselves (with the exception of the top excavation for the patio).  The results are so much more personal and loving.  
Enjoy your weekend!  Let the Celebrations begin!!

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