Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a way to spend the day!

Sunday was a perfect day for a Garden Tour, so off we went again to Boulder, Colorado....... to the Eccentric Artists Garden Tour!   WONDERFUL!  FUN!  INTERESTING!  AMAZING!  All these adjectives described the wonder of each of these gardens.  Some gardens were tiny treasures, others just 'blew you out of the water' with their beauty and art.

Over the next few days, I will try to share the fun of each of these gardens.  Not only were we excited about the garden style, but the Artists that live and work in their studios right on the premises.  I probably would not get much work done, if I had some of these spaces to call home.  The creativity of each space just blew me away.  

Wouldn't it be fun to have tons of "disposable income"? There was so much art that I would have bought and brought home.   To be honest, most of these artists were very creative about using just what they had to it's maximum.  Also, there was an incredible amount of recycling nature and man made materials to create both exterior and interior spaces, as well as sculptural effects in the gardens.  I am rethinking my back yard!!

Okay....enough chatter..... just enjoy the photos..... which I will be bringing to you daily, until I am done (and I have a bunch of fun photos.....so hopefully, I will get some work done to show you by the time you complete this garden tour).

What a creative way to make a fence!

It doesn't take too much to make a
beautiful and cozy sitting area
in your garden.
(note the palm tree)

You knew that I would have to add another Poppy!

I loved the bottles that were placed on the roof
of the garage (this was a tiny, but trust me, a GEM of a garden)

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