Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Garden Tour!!

This was our last garden tour of the summer.  It was in Sweet Hubby's old stomping ground, and we just couldn't resist.  When my husband was starting school, this was his neighborhood.  As we parked our car to get the tickets at Montview Presbyterian Church..... we noticed that right across the street was the Montview Public Library.....where Sweet hubby checked out his first library book.  The whole day was filled with a bit of nostalgia, but also a sweet thrill, because this old stomping ground of great diversity, in Denver, has grown into a beautiful, proud, cohesive collection of people, homes and gardens.  It was a day of delight.  The special treat was that each garden was hosted by the owner, who's pride in their garden (not to mention the first hand knowledge of design and plantings....and work involved) was a treat.  All in all, despite a very warm day, it was a perfect way to spend.... in other people's gardens.

I don't think we will ever miss this tour again
The tree lined streets and beauty of this neighborhood
will draw garden lovers, for years to come.
(that is my hope!)

Montview Presbyterian Church
hosted the ticket purchase
as well as
their newly planted "Contemplative Garden"
(I didn't want to leave)

Tiger Lily
A sure sign of Summer in Colorado
Several years ago, we started seeing more
Japanese Maple trees
Many of these are getting to a place of glory.

I will be sharing photos all week.  Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will also have some work to share with you.  

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