Thursday, June 30, 2011

We interrupt this program....

The last few days have been quite odd.  We have had wild gusts of wind, some small spurts of rain and my computer decided that it did not like this energy, so it would not let me get onto the Internet.   As a result, I am downloading several days of photos for you to look at. 

With more small to medium fires in the foothills, and temperatures in the 90's, the air is cloudy instead of clear.  Hopefully, the fires will get under control and the temperatures will settle down (not likely until after this Fourth of July weekend), the cotton will stop flying off of our dear old Cottonwood tree and the garden will pop back to normal.  Right now, it looks a bit worn out.

As we walked the neighborhood on last weekend's garden tour, we found some gardens that had not been chosen for the tour.... but were worthy of a peek.  So, here are a few photos of some lovely spots along the way.  We just felt that we could sit and enjoy for these beautiful gardens.

Scabiosa.... always a beauty.

I was so tempted to just walk into this
back yard and enjoy a quiet afternoon with a book.
Isn't this a lovely entryway??

This front porch with the old chair
painted in lime....popping against the it!
(Where's my lemonade??)

Another perfect idea for
recycling a tree that had to be cut down
They kept the base and placed
These Petunias on it.
"Bee U Tee Full"

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