Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sun's Out!!!!

I never thought I would be so happy to see the sun....and of course, the heat is coming along with it. Bring it on, I say!! I am so ready for Summer to begin. I spent the entire day painting....but not in the studio. I went out on our patio and painted furniture. Our bench and Potting table (which I use for entertaining) were looking a lot worse for wear.... so a little green paint did wonders.

Tomorrow.... (as I did yesterday....), I will work in the studio. I have three things going on right now. The first is a small Columbine painting in watercolor. It is resting....waiting for those finishing details. Secondly, I am working on a bowl of colored pencil. And lastly, I picked up a bunch of seed pods from under a maple tree and I am creating a colored pencil drawing from all of the seed pods.

I will share photos next week, as I complete these projects. I don't feel like rushing to take photos because I would rather have it look like something worth showing than just throw it out there for you.

Enjoy your weekend!

Here are some more photos from the garden....the heat will probably just cause these flowers to wilt, but it's been very nice to have them for so long this Spring.

My favorite Poppies
in the front yard

A close up shot
Ain't she a beauty??

These aren't mine.... but we found them
tucked into a bush on our Memorial Day walk.
Annabelle Hydrangeas

The Purple lilacs were a gift from my Sister-in-law
They just keep coming back with great glory each year.
The yellow Iris were transplanted a few years ago
from a spot where they refused to bloom.
I think they are very happy in their new spot, don't you??

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