Monday, June 20, 2011

Snow, Rain, Wind, Sun... it is Summer, isn't it??

The weekend was beautiful....if a bit windy....but extreme weather has popped up over our state today.  My friend, who is in the mountains, woke to SNOW!  We woke to rain and wind and what Winnie the Pooh would call, "a blustery day".   So far, this summer, I have not gotten into the rhythm of the weather.  

This weekend was filled with gardens and more gardens.  What fun.  I can't say that these gardens were so fabulous, as to" blow me out of the water", like last weekend's garden tour, but they were pretty and maximized their use of space.  I only took a very few photos, and the following were the creme de la creme of the tours.

I have finished my piece of art in the studio..... However, I am waiting for one more piece for this puzzle and it is at a friend's home, that I will visit mid-week.  I would like to put a leaf in the background, in graphite.  So, I may take a photo for you .....but know that it is not finished....yet.

Okay, make the best of today as it's the only one we have and when it's's gone.

Tomorrow....the Summer Solstice!

One of the homes had this beautiful
Clematis,  growing along the fence.

Roses always make me smile.

As we came upon this garden
the Japanese Maple just popped up to greet us.

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