Friday, June 10, 2011

A New Look for the Blog.....

I just needed a change, so I checked out the choices on "Blogger" and picked this pink number for the blog. I liked the 'old' look, but honestly, the mustard was wearing on me....and amazingly, the salmon pink of the background and the turquoise headings seem to best reflect the flowers and paintings and my 'mood at the moment'.

If you hate it..... let me know...... I will continue to play, until I get something that we all can live with. Until then...... it's going to be a pink kind of blog.

Here is what I have been doing. I am nutty about these pods from a maple tree I found on my journey through life. I scooped up a whole baggie full of these and brought them home.....along with several leaves that had fallen from the tree. I may go back and get some more leaves to add in graphite, as a background. This is the first piece that I have really worked on in a very long time, so I am just going to let my heart rule my head and see what happens.

As you can see, the photos are very dark...... due to these late afternoon clouds that roll in. By the time I get to taking photos of my work, it seems that the clouds cover the sky. I do believe that "La Nina" has changed the weather pattern in our area for the near until the sun decides to shine all photos will be very dark!

Colored Pencil drawing
(and the real thing)
Maple seeds

This is the area that I have finished working
Somehow, the photo made it look a bit too
orangey on the seedpods
(really, it's not so bad when you see it live!)

Well, it's Friday..... and I have some time for working in the studio, so off I go. We will be going to a most unusual garden show this weekend..... hope to have some fun pic's on Monday.

Enjoy some lazy time...... some reading time....... some fun time with friends...... and some laughter this weekend. We plan to do just that.

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