Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Great Gardens of Eccentric Artists

Yesterday, I forgot to mention the names of the artists, who's gardens we visited.  They are George Peters & Melanie Walker (the wonderful fence and back yard oasis) and Susie Chandler.....(I am also showing Susie's garden today). The delights continue.......

Susie's Back yard
Sometimes a simple chair and hoe,
can create a work of art!

Susan Albers yard was amazing.
What started out as a need to cover an ugly, tall fence,
behind their house, ended up as a unique art installation.

Rebecca Didomenico created a "garden made up of small rooms"
This Fairy garden is a tiny delight.
Wouldn't it be fun to create this with your kids or grand kids?
It's part of my plan .......when ever the grand kids arrive.....

A serene space in Rebecca DiDomenico's yard.

Within the garden, Rebecca DiDomenico and her family created this walled space
where the 'fairy garden' resides.  The blue texture on the walls  and the shiny shells
tucked in (with a very specific design and a secret message around this outdoor room)
created a perfect place to tuck yourself away for a quiet moment.


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