Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here's More of the Garden tour ......

Rebecca Didomenico and her garden will be honored today.  Not only did I love her artwork, but her studio, home and gardens were a completely unexpected "Wonder".  As I was entering her home (my mouth gaping wide open).....I looked across the room to another soul whose mouth was in the same position.  It was just hard to comprehend the beauty and creativity that sparkled in every square inch of this space.  Here are some of my favorite photos.....with a few more tomorrow.

This fountain touched my heart.
The aging of the hands as the water passes
over them is just remarkable.

(I do not know if Rebecca created this or if it was purchased from another artist)

Oh, to have a lap pool right outside your living room.
I have only seen this in magazines..... but the reality is so much better.
Hey, the Aspen Grove is pretty cool too!

You had to keep your eyes open for so many little garden details.
I loved this one.

Clematis were placed throughout the garden....along the fence line.
All of them were delighted with the space provided them.

It knocked my socks off to see a Magnolia tree in the garden.
It was struggling a bit, but such a beauty.......

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