Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden Tour Season

I love the Garden Tour Season, in Colorado. We are hooked on these tours and manage to schedule our lives around them each and every year. This year, I am even choosing a garden tour over a hike, for my birthday. Usually, I love to take a hike, but with lots more snow melting this year, it may not be a I may find an interesting garden, instead.

This weekend, we went to Boulder, Colorado and enjoyed some beautiful spaces. One, especially, managed to grow many plants that normally, do not thrive here. They had a Magnolia tree that simply took my breath away. It's always a delight to see things growing that aren't normally present here. Also, I manage to get so many wonderful ideas for our own garden spaces.

We just had to go looking for a 'Smoke bush" tree (shrub?) after this outing. It's one that I have loved for a long time, but we haven't had the space. We had several trees die this past winter, so we have planted a "Forsythia" and a Smoke bush in those spaces. I do worry about the light and the moisture...but we will take a chance and see what happens.

Tomorrow..... a small columbine, completed in watercolor and colored pencil.

If you are a Denver Botanic Garden Illustrator..... today is the day to sign up for Summer/Fall classes. They are already filling up!! I am going to take one on painting bird's nests!

Great pops of color
Is that why they are called "Poppies"?

Oh, those peonies...
This color was just beautiful
tucked in a shaded garden
(Could they be chatting with each other???)

Ah, Lupine
I love the leaves and I love the flower

I was just amazed to see this magnolia
with it's soft pink and white bloom

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