Friday, May 20, 2011

A Walk at the Ponds

What a week of rain we have had...... it's been one of the most dreary weeks of the year! Not a peep of sunshine did we see until this morning. You had to be up early, because the sun did shine from sunup until about 8:30 a.m., before the clouds rolled in again. We have had a lot of rain, which is the good part (heck, if it's going to be cloudy, it might as well rain!). Colorado honors the rain (not the hail, and winds....but wet, we like!). I think our gardens will be quite happy, once we can get into them and get to work without a muddy mess.

We took a walk last weekend, and I have been trying for most of the week to upload photos of it. The Blogger Gods have not wanted to upload my photos for some reason.....but today...a BREAK THROUGH! So, here are some photos from our walk..... at the ponds.

The weather was perfect for the ducks.
It just rolled off their backs.....

Look very closely
I couldn't catch them all..... but there were six parent Geese
and too many goslings to count. At one point they were all
walking in one line across the path (just couldn't get my
camera out fast enough to catch that one!)

The pond is tucked around farm fields....and as you can
see, the farmers are quite happy with the moisture.

Something new at the ponds!
The city built a walkway of stones on an old
path that had been filled in (had to make a holding pond).
We enjoyed this fun new way of getting a bit more walking in on a cold Sunday.

This weeks adventures have been a great baseball game (love those Rockies....and they beat the Giants! It was a very fun game, despite the cool weather....and no rain that night). Last night, we had the opportunity to go see a play in Denver. "Billy Elliott" is touring and though we forgot our binoculars, we didn't miss a beat of this wonderful musical (should be called a 'dansical', as the dancing was just amazing!!).

Have a great weekend..... I am off to the studio to start a new project......

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