Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring in the Rockies

The sun is out and the flowers are bursting all over. Spring is at it's peak in the Rocky Mountains. With warmer temperatures coming this weekend, I am looking forward to getting into the garden and digging in the dirt. It's time to start the planting....or at least prep the soil for planting next week! Hooray..... I love this time of year.

My studio is clean and I worked most of yesterday, finishing up a small piece. Whenever I have not worked in a long time, I pick up a piece that I have started and get familiar with my pencils or paints. I never want to start a new piece, when I haven't touched a paintbrush or pencil in months.

I am re-thinking options for the future of my art. I had such grand plans last winter, but I am beginning to realize just how much my life is changing and I may not be able to confidently choose to do all that I wanted to do with my art. As I ponder, I hope that some brilliant idea comes to me regarding my work and getting it into the Universe. All ideas are welcome!

Enjoy your weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all of you who have been Mothers, want to be Mothers, or have 'mothered' someone special in your life.

Tulips blooming from above

Oh, yes....once again
My favorite
Bleeding Hearts

Our Quince are spectacular this year

A little something that I worked on yesterday.

And I leave you with more Tulips.
Aren't they grand?
I feel as though they are listening to a symphony.

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