Sunday, May 1, 2011


When I was a newlywed, I worked in Chicago, while my Sweet hubby, worked on his post graduate degree. My boss, a Canadian, would walk in on the first day of each month and yell out "Rabbits". What???? I had no idea what it meant, until he explained that if you wake up and say "Rabbits" first thing , on the first day of the month, you will have good luck and prosperity for that month. Well, I think we all need a bit of good luck and prosperity this month, so I am shouting out for all of us ..... "Rabbits"!!

We came home with some sort of teensy, weensy bug ..... which came with a wild headache, nausea, and a bit of a malaise. So, I have taken it easy for a few days (and watched the Royal wedding, since I was laying on the couch anyway :), before I could get my feet under me. Now, my Sweet hubby seems to have it. I am sure that we will both be 'perking up' in a few days.

Today, I will share photos of our journey back home. Hope you enjoy them.

Missouri flooding from our car window

On our way home, we were trying hard to miss the big storms, which were predicted and hit so hard. We had hard rains and saw a lot of flooding. We are sad and upset to hear that Tuscaloosa, AL was hit so hard. Spring presents itself as a glorious month.... and many times, it is just that. However, the weather always seems to have a certain turbulence to it....and such unpredictability, as well. It was difficult to see the worst flooding in 40 years, through out the Midwest and mid south east.

Some areas were just lush with Spring

We took a short break in
St. Charles, Mo.
It is an historic town that was delightful.
We enjoyed this door with a
Forsythia wreath on it.

We also stopped at the
Harry S. Truman
Presidential Library
in Independence, Mo
It is only about five minutes off the highway and well
worth seeing. It's nice to stop along the way and see
some of great sights in America.

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