Monday, May 16, 2011

A little bit of this and that.....

The sunshine of a week ago was short lived. Cold, wet weather came before leaving us with just cold and very gray days. There is something about an extended Spring with cold temperatures and endless gray. Colorado suffers in the I chose to work in COLOR, last week.

First of all.... our Red Tailed Hawk is back in it's nest, sitting on more eggs. I am thrilled that we were able to get a good photo (notice the gray skies...ugh!) before the trees leaf out. We took a walk yesterday (which I will show later this week), and thought we saw "Papa" out looking for food. He was very focused and the rest of the wildlife scattered as he flew by. I just love to see the Hawks soaring above. I know that there are also some Osprey & Eagles near by but I haven't checked out their nests yet.

The Mama Red Tailed Hawk
awaits it's precious arrival

I have wanted to draw an orange, for a friend of mine (who gives us sweet oranges every Christmas). I did the sketches....did color samples....even tracings..... and there it sat, while I traveled. So, last week, needing bright color in my life..... I started working on my "Sweet Orange". It was great fun and I enjoyed working in colored pencil, after such a long respite.

"Sweet Orange"
colored pencil

On Saturday, Sweet Hubby wanted to run some gardening errands in Denver. So off we went to a great store on Broadway. It's called "Birdsall" and we love to go there every year and drool over all of the neat outdoor planters, water features, and garden delights. We almost walked away with some goodies, but alas, they weren't quite right for our needs. However, next door is an Antique Store, which always draws us in. They (and I am so sorry not to remember the name) seem to always have a treasure trove of goodies (for a price, of course!!).

When we went in, we found three pastels by our favorite local Artist, Rick Stoner..... sitting in a corner....with the backing ripped off, the frames and mats in great disorder. Since, we have heard that Rick is no longer working in Pastels, we decided to splurge and buy the set. I spent all the rest of Saturday and Sunday taking apart the works of art and cleaning them.....and putting them back together again. Thanks to a super class at the Denver Botanic Gardens, given by Susan Rubin, I was able to re-frame each one and bring these pastels back to their old glory. We are thrilled with them. I am showing one of them, so you can see what lovely work, Rick does. I am in Pastel heaven!

"Mudcloth and melon"
Rick Stoner

It proved to be a nice weekend after all (and I promise that I will not complain about the weather any more...really, I promise!). Tonight, we head to a Rockies Baseball Game! Love the Rockies. Life is pretty good!

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