Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How does my garden grow??

We took a long walk yesterday....and the neighborhood looked lovely. Every one's garden is growing....and with just a hint of sunshine, there will be grand floral displays. Our peonies are barely open, yet down the hill a ways, there are blooms galore. So, I am sharing these with you today. Nothing makes me happier that sunshine, flowers and summer. Bring it on!!

Our backyard blooms with iris.
They are so much happier
after being transplanted from another area of the garden.

These are the peonies that we found on our walk.
The blooms are going strong...
.and ours have not even started yet!!

These are our peonies..... sitting tight...
waiting for some warmth and sunshine.

Wild violets, down by our creek
filling in every nook and crannie.

We bought some new poppies
in a bright orange.....love them!

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