Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Exhibition in Denver

I had no idea of what to expect, when I was asked to exhibit a painting with other artists from the Denver Botanic Gardens Illustration Program. I was honored, of course, but I have never been in a big art show, so I felt a bit in awe of the whole thing.

Well..... then my Sweet hubby retired and we started traveling and it evolved on it's own...... I didn't think about it too much. However, yesterday, we finally made it to Denver to the Republic Plaza. Oh Wow.....Double Wow....

There we all were in this beautiful lobby, with other wonderful artists. What a delightful surprise.

The lobby of the Republic Plaza
Wonderful Art on display

A sign, describing the
Botanical Illustration Program
At the Denver Botanic Gardens

All of the Artist that showed their work
were honored. My husband is pointing
at my name.

We came around the corner and Voila....
A beautiful display of Art.
I am so proud of this program.

Triple wow!
There I am..... amongst all of the great talent.
I was blown away....and delighted.

I can't explain how it felt to be in a show with so many talented artists. I am still so critical of my own work....and struggle to improve each day. It was a real 'shot in the arm' to be amongst those that I so admire.

On another note...... I hope that every "Mom", has a most honored Mother's Day. I do miss my Mother a lot. She was a very strong woman, with strong opinions, and ideas. She was a dynamo, who traveled the world and lived each day to the fullest. In her last years, we would talk almost every day..... laughing at life's foibles, or something that tickled her funnybone. I will remember it all tomorrow, as I do every day. I hope that your Mother is alive so that you can tell her how much you love her. I wish I could.

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