Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warmth in the bones....

We took off for warmer climates and found them in great supply. What we did not find was an easy place to use the computer and keep in touch with all of you. Maybe, that was a good thing. Some times, it is necessary to step away from everything and just find that calm place to relax. It was wonderful to not be on a schedule and working in the studio.

One of the very interesting things that I discovered on this trip was fog. Check out the photo below....can you even tell where we are? We were on the beach, walking with hundreds of other people, but you could hardly see them. We were covered in a light mist and it was amazing. I just loved it.

Believe it or not.... there is a large body of water out there.

Sea grape lines the board walk on the way to the beach.

Eventually, the sun came out..... ah, paradise!

I took a break from work, choosing to focus on relaxation and transition with my sweet hubby. There are moments in time, when it is important to refocus, relax and renew....and that is what I did. Tomorrow, I will share work that is in progress, here on the Front Range of Colorado.

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