Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Warm thoughts on a cold day

I am thinking about 'warm' again.....as it has been very cold and dreary here. This part of the winter seems to bring the greatest struggle ..... wanting so much to dig in the dirt, warm my face to the sun, and avoid wearing many layers to keep warm. I want to dig my toes in the sand and watch the waves roll in....

I pulled up these photos from Florida - a happy reminder of the beach and the warm sun. I found this quote on a painted board, for sale in a store... and I loved it.

"May you always have
A shell in your pocket
Sand in your shoes"

Isn't that just the perfect thought on a cloudy, windy, cold late Winter day. It works for me.

"Spring flowers in Florida"

The sea grapes enjoy the look of Fall,
their colors faded and burnt
I find these so beautiful.

Ah, sand between my toes
and a shell in my pocket
Lovely memories!

In the land of Retirement, there are no rules, so we head out again, for another adventure. I am going to say "hello" to the whales, this time. I will be posting from another faraway beach. I have brought my colored pencils and some work that needs completion. It is expected to rain for a few days, so I will work some until the weather improves. I also have several great 'reads' along with me. The adventure continues......

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