Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How I fell off the turnip truck....

There are many wonderful things about my husband's retirement, but time management on my part has been quite lacking. As a result, this blog has taken a back seat to the voyage that I am taking, at the moment. Whew, it hasn't been dull, that is for sure.

No work.... I mean NO art work is getting done right now. I am hoping that I will have more time for it, at some point. I am going to take my 'crayons' with me from now on and try to sketch (or something) much more often. I also lost my beloved bifocals, and I am desperately trying to focus without them. It's not good.

I am looking for the humor in all this....well, a meltdown or two was in order, but mostly it has been non-stop fun for the past few months. I miss my blogging buddies, for sure.

Okay.... the garden is barely blooming. It's been drier than dust in Colorado, so I have one (that's it...just one...) daffodil, and some crocus that are blooming. Ouch.... it's not my pretty garden right now. We are watering it a bit, in hopes of luring the tulips to bloom.

I wanted to share some highlights of Maui. It really was beautiful and warm and sunny. The Tsunami did some damage on the island...but it was cleaned up within a few days...and you cannot see any of it now. Also, the currents in the waters of Japan, draw the water away from the islands , so there is no danger of radiation problems on the islands. I certainly do not want people thinking that it is not a place to be right now... as it certainly still the paradise that you have heard about or seen previously.

I actually saw a few new things this time...as well as some old favorites. Enjoy the photos:
The northern most part of the island of Maui.
A beautiful drive and a bit more 'off the beaten path'

This is the first time that I have seen a Bromeliad blooming.

One of the after effects of the Tsunami were great 'swells'
so the waves were really kicking up.
That is the island of Molokai in the distance.

These Plumeria were in full bloom.
The scent is heavenly.

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