Thursday, February 10, 2011

Outside at the Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, I headed down to the Botanic Gardens in Denver, to drop off a painting for a show. It was mighty cold but oh, so sunny! No surprise, but there weren't many people at the Gardens, and no one was outside. The snow was pristine and so was the setting.... so I thought that I would share some of my photos with you.

Winter is such a special time to visit the gardens. To see the plants at rest and feel the quiet and peace within the gardens, is a gift that we all deserve. I hope that you can get to your gardens during this time of the year, just to experience this special bliss.

A note: The Moore Sculptures were being loaded up and taken back from whence they came. What a beautiful show that was a gift to Denver. It went for almost eight months and the sculptures within the garden were so beautiful. I am grateful that we could experience this special exhibit.

The walks were cleared, but no one was out in
the gardens in the 12 degree temperatures.

A bench awaits Spring temperatures
and visitors

This bench looked so peaceful.
I wanted to go sit down, but
I didn't want to change this beautiful scene
with my 'body print'

Loading up the Moore Sculptures.
"Goodbye" and Thank You!

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