Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sorry friends, but it's too cold for me to go outside..... bitter temperatures do not agree with my body, as I had frostbite as a kid in Minnesota, and my fingers and toes do NOT like the cold. I have big mittens, woolen scarves, a fuzzy hat and Uggs on my feet, but I can't work the camera without exposing my fingers to the cold.

My studio is freezing..... seriously! It cannot even break into the fifties when it is so cold out, so I run in there and take a peek and run out again. It should be better by Thursday, so plan to work as soon as possible.

Since the weather is not cooperating, I am spending today matting and backing a painting that will be in a Denver Show, starting in March. It's a good thing to do on a very cold day.

I can't complain....Colorado has been very lucky this winter, and these cold snaps have been short (if not fierce). We have also had lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

I will leave you with a Baiku (sort of a different version on the Haiku). My oldest son and I are exchanging Haiku and Baiku on Monday mornings. It's a fun way to communicate in these busy times. We plan to keep all of our work this year and publish our own little book. What fun! (that was his idea...which I thought was a great one).

Golden sun enveloped by gray
hidden garden
snuggles deeply

As for my husband.... He just THOUGHT he was done last week. Ha...a good friend called in a panic, after he broke a tooth. So emergency repairs are in order this week. I truly think that by this Friday, it will be totally official. He will walk away feeling that he has done a great job to the end. I am so proud of him.... he is deserving of some fun time.

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