Monday, January 24, 2011

One of these is not like the other.....

My Amaryllis is going 'wild'!! It is on it's fifth bloom. However, I was busy last week....seriously....I was....

So, maybe you can tell from these three photos....which one I was working on. For once, I am pleased with the outcome... can't say that very often.

Enjoy this last glimpse of the Amaryllis. I promise that I won't share it again. But, you have to admit, that it is just an amazing plant and it certainly has made January pass a lot more quickly.

This week, I am working on an Orange....not just any orange, but a very special variety, which is mighty big. It's just in the sketching stages, but hopefully, I will have something to share very soon.

Four blooms and a hint of the fifth...
Just an amazing plant.

What do you think?
Did I get close?
I hope I did this plant justice!!

I played with the i-photo and enhanced this one a bit.


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